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Electrical Installations & Maintenance

Vane Partners undertake major electrical installation and maintenance services such MV/LV Transformer Installations, Transformer oil regeneration, Dissolved Gas Analysis, Hot Oil Vacuum Filling, Bushing Replacement, Oil quality sampling and recommendations, Electrical Installations and Maintenance; Power generation Units; Medium Voltage Panels; Low Voltage Switchboards; Electrical Machines; Switchgears; UPS system Battery banks; Direct current distribution Systems; Relay protection systems; Review of Load schedule for plant Unit and PMCC (develop single line drawings); Cable Tray Installations; MV/LV Cable Laying; Electrical Testing such as Primary Injection; Secondary Injection; Trip Unit Repairs and Calibration; Solid State Retrofits; Circuit Breaker Timing; Transformer Winding Resistance; Transformer Turns Ratio; Insulating Fluid Analysis; Instrument Transformer Tests; Protective Relay Calibration; AC and DC High Potential Testing; Protective Relay Testing and Calibration; Power Factor Testing; Cable Testing; Functional Testing of Switchgear Components; Verify Relay and Circuit Breaker Settings per Coordination Study; Circuit Breaker Testing; Isolation Panel Testing.

Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems: Vane Partners offers full earthing/lightning protection systems in accordance with IEC62305 provisions. These include Grounding mast installations; Supply and installation of lightning arrestor