Valve and Pump Refurbishment :: Vane Partners Limited

Valve and Pump Refurbishment

We offer full-service pressure relief and safety valve repair for air, steam, and liquid service, both in the shop and in the field. We use only original parts and guarantee to return your valve to like-new or better condition,

so you have total assurance that your valves will work properly. Either at your site or offsite, our highly experienced technicians and engineers are readily available to solve any problem affecting our valves and pumps.

Anyone can sell you a new valve, but it takes a service organization to tell you when new isn't necessary.
We operate 6 days in a week and 9 hours a day and so your valves do not need to stay long in our facility.

With Vane Partners Ltd, you stand to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save up to 50% on valve and pump repair - Repairing a valve or pump to like-new condition costs roughly half of purchasing a new one.
  • Enjoy 3 to 6 months guarantee - we offer a 3 or 6 months guarantee on all valve and pump repair services depending on the age of the equipment.
  • We buy only the parts you need. With our-PRO valve diagnostic tool, we can determine exactly what the problem is and sell you only the parts you need, not a recommended spares list.